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A rescue dog can make a loyal and loving companion but, like any animal, there are a number of things to consider before offering one a home.

What is your home like?
Is your home big enough and does it have a secure garden or a park close by?

Do you have the time and energy to spend with a dog?
All dogs require exercise, some more than others, so are you prepared to go out, whatever the weather?

Will the dog be home alone?
If you work full-time your dog will be alone a lot. Some dogs won''t be happy with that and may suffer from separation anxiety or become destructive.
Will the dog be in contact with young children?
Some dogs are uncomfortable around children and it is important that the children are not afraid and act responsibly around the dog. Some dogs we would not rehome to families that have small children or babies but each set of circumstances is considered separately.

Do you have other pets?
You should make sure your existing pets are going to accept a new family member and the new dog gets on well with them.

Can you afford a dog?
Owning a dog can be very expensive so you should be prepared for the cost of food, equipment and pet insurance as well as unexpected vet bills.

What age, size and gender would suit you?
Puppies are very active and will require training while adult dogs could be calmer but more set in their ways. The dog''s size does not matter as much as its energy levels. Large dogs aren''t necessarily a bundle of energy like many little dogs. The dog''s gender may depend on that of any dogs you already have.

Rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes and their background is never fully known. We will give you as much information as possible but we cannot guarantee temperament and behaviour in different environments or with different people and animals. We make no representations or warranties about the rescue dogs or about their suitability for you. Rescue dogs require time and patience and do not come with any guarantees.

We ask for a non refundable donation of £150 for dogs and £160 for puppies. Our dogs are vaccinated and we will micro chip them if they are not already chipped.


Having answered these questions you will now have a better idea of whether a rescue dog is right for you and what sort of dog would suit your circumstances.
If any of our dogs have caught your eye or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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