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Covid 19

September 2021

Due to COVID 19 our kennels are still practising social distancing but we are taking in dogs and re homing.

As Bob is on his own at the kennels please call if you want further information between 11am and 1pm - most other times Bob is busy with the animals. Alternatively please email enquiries@whitbydogrescue.com with your query and phone number and Bob will call you back.

  Stay safe everyone and take care- Thanks.



Larry is a 2 year old Bulldog cross - great nature. For further information please call Bob on 01947 810787 - betweem 11 and 1 is best otherwise please leave a message. Thanks



Milo is a 2 year old Patterdale/ Rotty cross who needs a home with firm and experienced dog owners. Milo is more Rotty sized than Patterdale. Lovely temperament with people but can be unpredictable with other dogs so needs firm handling. Please call Bob for further information during office hours - between 11 and 1 is best or just leave a message and Bob will get back to you 01947 810787



Bear is a one year old Caucasian Shepherd who needs a new home. Highly regarded in their native Russia/ Georgia as excellent flock guarding dogs. Bear needs a home with people who are experienced with large breed shepherd dogs. For more information please call Bob 01947 810878 during office hours- 11-1pm is best otherwise just leave a message and Bob will call back.

Casper Bulldog

Casper is an 21 month old bulldog. He is a lovely boy but can be quite nervous at first with other dogs and people until he gets to know them - he would benefit from a home with people who are used to handling this breed and will have patience with him. He needs a quite home as noise and traffic can upset him. Casper is full of fun and would benefit from some training- he just wants to please. Casper has some issues with his gait and has had tests done at Franks Vets in Leeds - he does not require treatment at this stage but may require some as he gets older. We believe his movement may have been quite restricted as a puppy as his muscles were not developed- however since being with us he has undergone some monitored exercise and we see a significant improvement.  For further information please call Bob during working hours- 11am to 1pm is best when Bob is not tending to the animals- otherwise please leave a message with your number and Bob will get back to you- thanks 01947 810787

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