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Bear Feb 19


The gorgeous Bear was adopted in Oct 2018 - hes loving his new home and family!

Trixie Aug 2015

Our beautiful puppy Trixie happily settling in, she's made a new friend and loves the beach, eventhough she only has 3 legs she's just as capable as every other dog. The Robinsons will look after her for as long as she lives.


Bob here again with my owner Tim - we have been training for the great North Run.....we raised loads of money last year for my other pals at Whitby Dog Rescue!

Scooby living it large!

"When we first meet Scooby, he was everywhere. Jumping up on the table, the worktops, and us... Our first days with him have been amazing, he’s certainly a character... You may wonder why I’ve wrote this little piece, let me tell you then. There is a perception out there that Staffies are not the nicest of dogs, that they can be nasty... Treat a dog with love, respect and understanding and that is what you will get back out of them by the bucket load... Staffies need love and a home as much as every other dog, don’t just walk past them." Declan & Tracy


Holly is doing fine!

"Just a quick email to let you know that Holly is doing fine with Colin & Lynne in Leeds. She never gets fed up of having her tummy tickled and is enjoying exercising with her favourite new toy, a squeaky tennis ball! She's met Lynne's 83 year old mum (on several occasions this last few days) and settled down well with her this morning for a couple of hours, after initially howling when Lynne left.

All is going very well and she seems to settle in to new situations quite easily and appears quick and eager to learn. We just hope that she'll socialise well with other dogs and enjoy freedom off the lead, with no constraints, soon. We've attached a few photographs taken last weekend in Filey for you to enjoy! Thank you for all your help, we can't imagine life without her and will keep you informed of her progress with more photos to follow." Lynne & Colin

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